Basic Garden Tool List for Beginners

February 28, 2010 at 11:12 pm Leave a comment

Basic Gardening Tools List
It can be very easy for a new gardener to get overwhelmed with all the neat new tools there are out there. As we learn more about gardens and tending to them, we find ourselves using even more specialized tools.
To start out on your gardening adventure, this list will ensure you have everything you need on hand.
Gardening Tools ~ the basic tools you would need to tend to your garden. (Visit to learn each tools purpose and how to use them)

a. One pair “by pass” pruners
b. One hand rake
c. One long rake
d. One pitchfork
e. One Hand Trowel
f. One Hand Cultivator
g. One long handle spade
h. One long handle pointed shovel
i. One pair Loppers
j. One pair Hedging shears
k. One Handheld Weeder
l. One long handle Weeder
m. One watering can
n. Hose and rotary watering sprinkler

Some people might think this list is short, while others think they are much too big. This list will ensure you will be able to handle any general gardening task with ease, if you have these tools at hand.
Visit to learn how to use these tools and what they look like.


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