Leaves and Compost

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Every fall we are busy raking lawns and gardens to remove the fallen leaves, and every spring we apply fertilizer help our lawns health. Did you know, the leaves that you take in fall can be the best fertilizer for your lawn? From this fall, why don’t you start making your own compost and save money?

What’s a good thing for using natural compost?
Using chemical fertilizer can have a faster effect on plants than natural compost, but it lasts less than natural one, and has a bad effect by killing microorganisms in soil. For the first year and second year after applying fertilizer, plants are doing really well, but a few years later the effect of chemical fertilizer slows down and does not help plants. At that point the soil cannot do its function without the assistance of microorganisms. Therefore, people use chemical fertilizer more and more, and that makes the soil worse. On the other hand, natural compost contains lots of microorganisms, nutrients, and natural air pockets, so plants can get enough nutrients and roots can get enough oxygen. This way, natural compost helps keep soil healthy for a long time.

What is a proper way to use leaves for me?

First, you can simply just leave the leaves on your lawn and gardens to let them rot. If you want to reduce time for the process of rotting, you can run lawnmower over leaves on the grass. After a while they will disappear and help improving your soil. However, it is not the most appealing way for people who care about how their gardens look.

If you get only a small amount of leaves, you can add the leaves to your compost heap. Dried leaves are good balancing material for wet food waste and wet grass in your compost bin. Also whenever you put fruits and food waste, do not forget to put dried leaves on the top of them. It helps to keep fruit flies away. Chopping leaves also helps to reduce time of the process.

If you can get enough leaves, you are better off making leaf mould. Making leaf mould is much easier. You just need black plastic bags and string. First, you need to get all kinds of leaves from your garden. If it is dry, you can apply some water to help them rot easily. Next step is packing the leaves in plastic bags and tying them loosely. Also do not forget to make holes on the bags for oxygen. Then, after one or two years you can get the best compost for your lawn, garden and even planters for free.
(E. Lee)


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