Prepare your Lawn for Spring!

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The sun is up, and the weather is warmer than usual this spring 2010!

So, what needs to be done to get ready for the summer season?

Let’s talk lawns first: Spring over seeding!

Regardless of the sun shade exposure, it is VERY important to over seed your lawn with a mixed seed bag. Best results will come from a bag with a ratio of %15 Kentucky Blue Grass, 35% Red Fescue, and 50% Perennial Rye.  If you can’t find this exact measurement, you can buy bulk, or choose a bag with ratios close to that mix.

  1. Thoroughly rake out your lawn with a soft fan rake and put waste items in a compost bin, or yard waste bags.
  2. Look for trouble areas like bare areas, or thatch, weeds, quack grass patches. This is a good time to dig out these patches. Dig at least 4” deep.
  3. Fill dug out patches with top soil to level, and spread top soil around the remaining portion of the lawn with a rake. Make sure you do not cover the lawn fully, there should be a thin “powdered” spray of soil, and grass leaves still should be visible. (Note: Manure, Compost, or Triple Mix can be used in place of top soil).
  4. Using your hand, or a spreader, generously apply the seed on top of the soil/lawn combo. Pay special attention to the patch areas, and ensure that the spot is fully covered.
  5. You can use a piece of cardboard to press down and step on to press the seed into the ground; however, my experience has taught me that it is not necessary.
  6. Keep moist for 2 weeks. Dry seed will not sprout, and saturated seed will mold out. I always recommend letting nature take over. Over seed before an expected rain day. If it doesn’t rain, then you can put a low spraying sprinkler out for 30 minutes maximum to soak in.
  7. Feel free to spot seed through out the season, but be environmentally friendly, and work with the rain schedule, and save water!

Seed bag suggestions:

Eco-LawnIf you don’t want to maintain your grass, please go to the wildflower farms link and check it out to make sure it is right for your EcoStyle!

C-I-L golf green is close to the measurements and carries more red fescue.

Scotts Turf Builder – Sun and Shade

Remember, most garden centre’s carry bulk seed, so you can make your own healthy lawn combination.


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