Naturalized gardens, what are they?

March 26, 2011 at 1:01 pm Leave a comment

As our minds lean more towards a simpler less invasive world, and the environment and our health are becoming matters of importance, we as a people are searching for ways to minimize toxins and pesticide into our lives.

With the new laws coming up all the time banning pesticides, it is getting harder and harder to maintain the monoculture we call a lawn.

I for one am not a big fan of large green lawns. Unless you need the space for child’s play and games, why not convert your space to a naturalized garden.

Naturalized gardens offer so many benefits on the level of health, environment, economy, efficiency, and time management.

Health: by minimizing lawn and adding shrubs, trees, and plants you are contributing to the air, allowing for more oxygen to be cleaned, allowing you to breathe fresher air.

Environment: With the mass of development arising every day, we have lost much of our biodiversity that makes the ecological world go around. A naturalized garden can promote life in the form of insects, butterflies, birds and small animals. (Keep in mind, they won’t bug you, they’ll just enjoy your garden)

Economy: Most plants recommended for a Naturalized garden will need little attention once they are established. You will save money by not having to water plants every day. A well planned naturalized garden will do well with the water nature provides. Most plants are also inexpensive, and can often be shared among other Natural garden lovers.

Efficiency: Naturalized gardens, once established, become their own working engine. The insects are turning the soil and adding nutrients every day, the bees birds and butterflies are taking care of the pollination of plants. In time, this leaves little else for you to do except watch and enjoy!

Time management: No more weekly lawn cutting or water schedules. No worrying over water restrictions, or bad patches in the lawn. A naturalized garden flows and grows without much of your help. Mostly, you get to enjoy it!

Consider adding a patio centered in your naturalized space and allow yourself to be part of nature, while enjoying your own personal oasis!


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