About EcoScapers

EcoScapers has been serving the Toronto, York Region, Durham, and Peel areas for the past 5 years. We started with a group of fresh landscaping professionals, that worked full time in other jobs, and created landscaping projects in our off hours.

Demand grew, so we did too. The name EcoScapers came from the core of key words like “Economical”, “Ecology”, “Landscaping”, and we wanted it to reflect a theme that represented environmentally friendly habits.

EcoScaper’s grew mostly through word of mouth, and today, most of our original customers call us back for new projects, or the next phase of on going ones.

As a business grows, it is important to reflect, measure, and decide the most effective form of service that not only adds value to the company, but to the customer as well.

This is how we arrived at the “Eco We Do” and “Eco You Do” service departments.

There is a large demand for on hand support for the “do-it-yourself” customer, and we know how to serve the customer that wants us to come in and create a new landscape/garden from start to finish offering full project management.

Thanks to all our past, present, and future customers for helping us grow and understand our role in the landscapes and gardening field.


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